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I love vintage/retro anything! But items can be difficult to find at an affordable price. I found an old Vogart embroidery transfer pattern on line, fell in love with the pattern, and wanted to use it for my own home decor. Since I dont have the skill or patients for emroidery, I invested in fabric painting supplies. 

At first my painting skills weren’t so great.   I even thought “Maybe I should go back to embroidery”   But with practice my painting skills and technique got better and my finished items began to look really great!  With the proper equipment, and practice,  anyone can fabric paint and create a lovely and unique  item.   If you think fabric painting would be something you would be interested in trying out,  please read my post called “Fabric Painting Basics” for more information.


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Looking for Flour Sack Towels?   Here are two sources for plain and hand painted vintage style 100% cotton flour sack towels!


Vintage Dow Ebroidery Pattern Hand Painted 

Vintage Vogart Ebroidery Pattern Hand Painted

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